Stress, the silent killer

Stress, the silent killer

You will probably see the word ‘stress’ in this post and think, that’s not me, I am not stressed. Well, let me tell you from experience, if you are working around the clock and your mind doesn’t switch off; if you have a drink or two each night ( just to wind down of course), then It could very well be you.
Stress is a silent killer; you don’t realise you are suffering from it until, very often, it is to late.

Do you think you are stressed?
Do you feel tired? Of course, we are tired for all sorts of reasons, but this tired is a heavy tiredness and one that doesn’t particularly need sleep to rectify it. It is a longing for a holiday tired, it is a need for fresh air tired with no phones or emails, but you can’t possibly leave the business, there is too much going on.

Do you sleep well?
We all go to bed a little later than planned and we have probably had a glass of wine or a beer and caught up with some emails on the laptop or iPad before doing so. It is not enough that we work a ten hour day; somehow we need to eat into our evenings because ‘we didn’t get time in the day’, or because ‘it’s so much easier when the phones aren’t ringing’.

When we finally get into bed, our minds are still active with the days events or we begin running through tomorrow’s schedule. Sleep is not on the agenda just yet. A little television, Twitter, Facebook? Sound familiar?

Our head finally hits the pillow, but now, we can’t seem to drop off. We engage in a little semiphor trying to get comfortable; clock watching at regular intervals is next, listening to the dawn chorus and then, sleep. A deep, deep sleep, shattered in what seems like minutes, by the shrill of the alarm. Now, you can’t get up. Everything is sleepy, we hit the snooze button, usually over and over again.

There is always a function, networking or similar going on. You have to attend, you need to mingle and be ‘seen about town’. You skipped breakfast and lunch is whatever is going. Carbohydrates and sugars get you through the afternoon and water probably hasn’t touched your lips since you brushed your teeth this morning.

If this is you, alarm bells should be clanging in your ears right now. You are already stressed and probably dehydrated too, seek help, please.

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